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Whole Life

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The Best Life Insurance

The best life insurance is the one that best suits your personal needs.

Whether that is whole life insurance, universal life, or term life depends on how long you need life insurance and what you need it for.

There is no one type that is the best for everyone in every circumstance.

Is Whole Life right for you?

If it is right for you, do not be put off by "experts" who insist that everyone should follow only the "expert's" personal preference, which usually takes the form of "buy term and invest the difference, no exceptions". Think of how much money has been lost by the "invested difference" when the stock market has taken an unexpected big downturn.

Whole Life has guarantees not otherwise available, e.g., a guarantee that the cash value will increase irrespective of investment results and mortality rates of insureds.

Compared to an alterntive form of permanent insurance, known as Universal Life, Whole Life does not have as much flexibility in changing provisions such as the amount of premium paid or the death benefit. This may or may not be important to you.

Several types of whole life insurance have been developed. The variations are in how premium is paid, on what basis cash value is credited, and how the death benefit may be increased.

No insurer that we know of has online quotes for whole life, so we will get them for you.

Reasons to get Whole Life:

Rates can't be lower

The actual rate offer to a particular applicant is made by the life insurance company after underwriting review of the application, not by the initial quotes which assume a particular rate class.

There are no lower final rates for any policy quoted here. It is not cheaper to apply with an employee of the company or from anyone else quoting this coverage. The premium to be charged is set by the respective insurance company no matter who delivers or helps with the application.

The insurer alone decides the final rate after reviewing (underwriting) the application. No life insurance agent/broker (producer) can adjust or negotiate the final rate that the applicant is offered by the company.

Each insurer pays a commission set by the life insurance company for producing successful applications. The role of the producer is to help people apply and to produce applications for the insurance company. So there is no reason or opportunity for the producer (agent/broker) to alter or negotiate the final rate offered and charged by the insurance company.

The quotes and final rates for this cannot be lower because they are set by each company, not by any life insurance agent/broker.

The risk category determined by the underwriter will determine the actual final rate you are offered. It may differ substantially from the quotes you see before applying.

The actual rate offer to a particular applicant is made by the life insurance company after underwriting review of the application.

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Use this quote request form or call us at 1-800-722-9053.