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The Best Life Insurance

The best life insurance is the one that best suits your personal needs.

Whether that is Whole Life, Universal Life insurance, or Term Life depends on how long you need life insurance and what you need it for.

There is no one type that is the best for everyone in every circumstance.

Universal Life

Is Universal Life right for you?

Universal life insurance can have either a flexible premium or a guaranteed level premium. Unlike term, there is no fixed expiration date.

For some people, Universal life insurance with flexible premium is what best meets their needs.

Another category, Universal with a fixed premium for the insured's lifetime, is like a "permanent term insurance" and is included in the online insurance quoting.

We can get flexible premium quotes for you. They are not published online by any insurer that we can find.

Reasons to get Universal Life with Flexible Premium:

Universal life insurance that has a guaranteed level premium to age 100 is available in the online universal life insurance quoting system because it is simple enough to include in online quoting.

However, for all other types of universal life insurance policy, there are many variables in the illustrations, so those quotes must be run individually and emailed to you. Personal identifying information is not needed.

The premium quotes are from the respective universal life insurance company. We do not make them up. No life insurance agent/broker/producer can alter or negotiate the premium.

All quotes for are based on particular risk categories. Your personal classification will determine what the actual final premium rate offer from the universal life insurance company after your application is processed (underwritten).

If you see apparently different quotes for the same product from the same universal

life insurance company, that does not mean that one producer can get you a different price than another.

It just means that different factors were used in generating the universal life insurance quote.

The actual rate that you as an individual may be offered by any particular insurer may differ substantially from quotes you receive, especially if the original quotes are too optimistic regarding your personal risk classification.

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To get quotes, either use this form or call us at 1-800-722-9053.