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Term life insurance quotes online are not determined by agents or brokers (insurance producers). Many people think they must be devised by producers because the producers display the quotes and take the applications.

This seems to derive from lack of understanding of the reason why there are term life insurance quotes online.

The life insurance process involves raising the initial capital to form the life insurance company, designing the products, pricing the products, selling the products, and approving, rating, or declining (underwriting) applications. All steps of the process, including term life insurance quotes online, are controlled by the rules of each individual insurance company.

To help reduce marketing costs as much as possble, independent contractors are paid commissions set by the life insurance company alone if successful applications are produced by the contractors a.k.a. agents or brokers. That costs less than paying salaries to employees to do the same task.

Those independent contractors are allowed to display term life insurance quotes online, but only those set by the respective insurance company.

Therefore shopping for a better price for the same thing amongst different agents/brokers and their term life insurance quotes online won't help at all because they can only introduce you to the same product which will have the same price as decided by each respective life insurance company. Any apparent difference in price for the same product from the same company will of necessity be the result of a misunderstanding.

Term life insurance quotes online allow comparison between different insurers and their insurance products, not between producers (so called agents or brokers).

There is only a limited number of life insurance companies that compete seriously for term life insurance business. We quote those companies' products using the most extensive data base available for our term life insurance quotes online. The premium rate you will get from any application made using the services of any agent/broker cannot be lower than what you will receive with our help.

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