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It is important to know just what a quote for term life insurance really represents. When you find quotes on the internet, or from a local agent/broker, the prices you see may be completely wrong, i.e., wrong for you. They may be correct for someone else, but may not be available in your case.

In order to be more competitive, companies have designated multiple categories for term life insurance based on risk criteria including health history and other factors. Only a small minority of applicants will qualify for the most preferred category, i.e., the health history and other personal factors that indicate that on the average, that person will live the longest, e.g., the oldest age that ten percent of the population may reach.


Term Insurance Quotes

Which premium price will be presented so as to attract the most business? Naturally, unless you are shown multiple categories, it's the lowest term life insurance quote, which is also the one for which most people cannot qualify.

Life insurance coverage available as an instant online policy issue will not have this problem, but the upper limit of coverage is low, and the premium is much higher than what can be obtained with a paramedical exam and a more complete health history and personal information questionnaire.

Term Life Rating

If you send us the information in this form, we will email back to you as to what is the category that you will most likely qualify for. Alternatively, you can call us at 1-800-722-9053 during business hours if you prefer.

insurancebrochure.com Term Life Insurance Quotes

Bear in mind that the price you pay is decided entirely by the insurance company alone according to the rating they alone assign. No agent/broker advertising term life insurance can provide a lower rate for a particular company. Like us, they just get paid a commission for bringing in the application if it results in a paid for policy.

Please feel free to contact us if you would like help in determining what is the best for you to apply for. We can also get you the application for almost any life insurance company, irrespective of what was in the original quote.

The actual rate offer to a particular applicant is made by the insurer after review (underwriting) of the application.

Term Life Insurance Alternatives

Quick Term Life and Rapid Decision Term are the most convenient ways to get term life insurance because there is no medical exam. However, you can get a lower premium by doing a more detailed application. This typically involves a paramedic exam, a review of medical records, and perhaps additional information.

Except for online issue, the quotes that you get initially may be, but are not necessarily, the actual price you would have to pay.

After it has reviewed your application, paramedic exam results, medical records, and any other information needed, the insurer will make an offer which may be the same or different than the initial quote.

Pre-application quotes assume a particular rate class, which may or may not be how you are finally classified.

It is all decided on an individual basis by the term life insurance company alone and is not negotiable by anyone.

Everyone wants the most preferred rate, but most applicants do not qualify for the lowest possible rate.

We try to help you get the most suitable type of life insurance for your needs from the insurer that has the best price for the risk category for which you qualify. The quoting does not include every single company selling life insurance, but does include most.

Using this form will help determine what the category is for which you will likely qualify. If you have an approximate idea of what the actual offer may be before you apply, it will avoid disappointment, repeatedly applying, and time-wasting that many applicants experience.

Life insurance agents, brokers, and producers (much the same thing) are paid as independent contractors by the term life insurance company when earned premium is paid on policies. There is no fee charged for helping you apply. Our help and services are free to you.

Term Life Insurance Quotes