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One stop shopping for low cost life insurance is available from our large data base quoting system. It is not cheaper to buy direct from the life insurance company or from anyone else advertising low cost life insurance.

The premium to be paid is determined by each life insurance company and it alone decides the final rate after reviewing (underwriting) the application irrespective of any negotiation or opinion of any agent/broker, consultant, or physician.

All quotes for low cost life insurance are for each of the different classifications of applicants. The classification is decided by the company alone. No life insurance agent/broker/producer can adjust the classification and consequent final rate that the applicant is charged.

Each life insurance company pays a commission set by the life insurance company for producing successful applications. The life insurance agent/broker can at best make an educated guess at which classification will be assigned and give low cost life insurance quotes accordingly.

The life insurance quotes and final rates for this life insurance cannot be lower than shown here because classifications are set by each company, not by any life insurance agent/broker.

Comparing Life Insurance

Quality and price are two basic considerations when making just about any purchase and this applies when shopping for low cost life insurance also. Fortunately, the computer and the internet now help the buyer significantly.

With the data bases now available, many life insurance companies products can be compared easily in a manner not previously possible. It used to be so impractical as to be prohibitive for any life insurance agent or even a large agency to offer comparisons of the various policies from 100 different life insurance companies.

However, we are able to offer to the low cost life insurance shopper, immediate online comparative quotes from over 140 different life insurance companies for term life insurance, the lowest cost life insurance available. We can also provide comparisons for permanent life insurance, whole life and universal life.

There is no charge for this service because a payment for producing an application is made by the life insurance company when a policy is issued and premium paid. The commission does not change the nature of low cost life insurance or change the premium the policyowner pays because it is all decided by the life insurance company. It is cheaper to pay independent contractors only if applications are produced than to pay salaries and benefits to employees and hope that applications will be produced.

The actual rate offer to a particular applicant is made by the life insurance company after review of the application.

Low Cost Life Insurance