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Low Cost Life Insurance

Low Cost Life Insurance Rates

Low Cost and Lowest Cost

For low cost life insurance, use our extensive data base quoting system enabling one stop shopping for the best offers in life insurance. There is no lower cost possible for any of the policies quoted. You could visit the insurance companies' offices and apply with the help of an employee in the office, and it won't cost less. You could visit 100 life insurance websites, and contact 200 life insurance agents, and it won't cost less.

The reason that there can not be a lower cost than what is in our quoting system, is that only the insurance company sets the cost to the applicant, not any one else. The premiums quoted in the quoting system of over 120 life insurance companies are all from the insurance companies. We don't make them up or adjust them. Insurance is not a manufactured thing which can be bought and resold.

You are always buying direct from the insurance company, no matter who helps you apply. We don't charge you anything, we don't cost you anything. If people like us don't produce applications, the insurance companies would have to spend a lot of money on media advertising and additional employees, to get new business in the door. So we're paid by the insurance company as a cost of the insurance company doing business and it makes no difference to what you pay.

Low Cost Term Life

Because most people outlive the period of coverage and no death claim is paid, Term Life is much lower cost than permanent life insurance like Whole Life or Universal Life.

Permanent life insurance is definitely not low cost life insurance. It is needed for certain situations and preferences, but should not be purchased if all you need is some life insurance for 10 or 20 years.

whole term

Buy only the term that you need and are likely to continue to pay for to the end of the term. If you quit paying before the end of the term, you paid too much, i.e., in the final analysis, you could have bought a shorter term and your periodic payment would have been less.

The Actual Cost

The actual cost to the applicant is determined by each life insurance company for each applicant. The insurance company alone decides the final rate after reviewing (underwriting) the application, medical exam results, and any other information that the insurer deems pertinent. There is no such thing as negotiating the rate, or the opinion of any agent/broker, consultant, or physician's opinion on what the insurer should do, making any difference. The insurer will make an offer and the applicant takes it or leaves it.

All initial quotes are for each of the different classifications of applicants. The classification is decided by the carrier alone. No life insurance agent/broker/producer can adjust or influence the classification and consequent final rate that the applicant is charged.

Comparing Life Insurance

Quality and price are two basic considerations when making just about any purchase and this applies to life insurance also. Fortunately, the computer and the internet now make this easy. Term Life is almost a commodity financial product so comparison is easy to do. There are some additional enhancements that may be available which we can discuss with you if you decide to apply.

The current AM Best rating is also provided in the quoting results in the far right-side column. AM Best is a leading rating agency for evaluating the financial strength of insurance companies.

With the data base available for use on our website, life insurance can now be compared easily using immediate online comparative quotes from over 120 different life insurance companies for term life insurance, the lowest cost life insurance available. We can also provide comparisons for permanent life insurance, whole life and universal life.

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