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Term/Type has several categories:

'Gtd.' means that the list of quotes includes only those where the premium is guaranteed to be level for the entirety of the chosen term.

'All' means that the list of quotes will include not only guaranteed level but also others that will hopefully maintain a level premium but it is not guaranteed.

'ROP' means that all premiums will be refunded to you provided you pay premiums for the entire term.

'Lifetime level' means policies designed so that the premium remains the same for the rest of your life, unlike term which terminates after a certain number of years. They are Universal Life policies but have a level premium guarantee, which ordinary Universal Life policies do not have.

'10.20.30' means that twelve each of 10, 20, and 30 year term quotes will be included in the same list. First is 10 year term, then 20 year term, then 30 year term.

Health Class:

In most cases, you can not know what your Health Class is for sure until you have applied and receive notification from the insurance company. The actual Health Class is determined by the insurance company alone when it processes your application.

There is a "Health Analyzer" in the quoting results page that may be of assistance, or you can call us for help in determining what might reasonably be expected.