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Life insurance rates from the lowest to the highest follow this pattern: Term - annual renewable, five years, ten, fifteen, twenty, twenty five, thirty, then universal life, then whole life, and who knows what with variable life insurance. Another pattern has also emerged. After applying, you are offered higher life insurance rates than what you were quoted.

This is a competitive business, especially so with term life insurance rates. Many buyers go with the agent or company that quotes the lowest life insurance rates, not realizing that it's for an underwriting category for which they cannot qualify. When the paramedic exam readings come in, and all the other risk factors are taken into account, the insurer's opinion of the financial risk is often much worse than the applicant's estimate.

To avoid disappointment and delay, it will help to get an educated opinion from a life insurance agent as to what the category will likely be, and apply to the life insurance company with the best life insurance rates for that category. The company with the best rate for the super most preferred category probably does not have the best life insurance rates for the lesser categories for which most people qualify.

Rate Factors

For any given type of policy, these are some of the factors that determine life insurance rates:

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