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Irrespective of which life insurance quotes you may receive, when applications are processed, only about ten percent or so of applicants are classified so as to get the low rates of the highest preferred class.

In order to attract business, the life insurance quotes that appear online are typically for the classification that has the lowest rates. The rest of the applicants are disappointed to find that it's going to cost far more than they had expected.

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Lowest Life Insurance Quotes

The life insurance company that has the lowest life insurance quotes for the most preferred class often does not have the lowest rate for other classifications. Therefore it will save time in the long run to be as realistic as possible when comparing. The company that is most likely to have the best rate for your particular classification is the ideal one to apply for first.

Each life insurance company pays a commission, which it alone sets according to its rules, for producing an application which results in the issuing of a life insurance policy, provided the premiums are paid. The producer giving life insurance quotes can at best make an educated guess at which classification will be assigned and quote premiums accordingly.

If you use this form, we can make an estimate (not guaranteed) as to what your classification will likely be with various life insurance companies who provide the type of insurance you want. The risk categories for these vary from insurer to inurer, but they follow the same general pattern.

The more accurate the information, the more realistic the estimate of classification is likely to be.

There are no lower life insurance quotes or final rate offers for these particular 120+ companies. It is not cheaper to get an application from an employee of the insurance company or from any other life insurance agent or broker quoting this coverage. The quotes, online or not, are set by each insurance company and the actual premium rate is decided by the insurance company alone after reviewing (underwriting) the application.

All rates are set by the insurer for the various classifications of applicants. The rate and classification is decided by the insurance company alone. No agent/broker (producer) can adjust the rating class and consequent final rate that the applicant is charged or have the right or ability to negotiate the final premium rate offer.

Here are the fastest issue and lowest life insurance quotes for different rate classes that we can find from financially strong life insurance companies.

The level premium periods in the quoting system go from one year to lifetime. With "Return of Premium" products, you can get all your money back if you pay until the end of the term. The lifetime level premium quoted is actually Universal Life structured so as to have a guaranteed level premium for life which is in effect like a "permanent" term life insurance.

If you would like, you can contact us for help in discovering what is best for your situation. We can also get you the application from most of the better priced life insurance companies.

The actual rate offer to a particular applicant is made by the life insurance company after review of the application. Initial life insurance quotes are an indication of what may be issued, but cannot be guaranteed to be the final result.

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