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The simpler products can be quoted as life insurance online. We have Term life insurance and Universal guaranteed level to age 100 which is like a "permanent term" in the life insurance online quoting. Other Universal products and all Whole Life insurance have too many variables for life insurance online.

However, we can send those quotes to you by email. We have the quoting software from the most competitive life insurance companies. When we email quotes or you use our life insurance online quote system, we do not ask for your address or telephone number. We are not generating leads to sell to insurance agents.

The most common difficulty with life insurance online is determining which rating class the life insurance company is going to assign to you. Everyone wants the super duper low preferred rates, but most of us do not qualify for that. The company with the lowest rate for that class often does not have the best rate for other classes. So it's easy to apply to the wrong company no matter how much life insurance online you look at.

After we start you out with our superior database of available life insurance online online, we suggest that you call us so we can help you determine realistically which rating class you will likely be in. Remember, we don't call you unless you contact us first. If you use our no-charge services, we will help you get life insurance that can't be beat. Whichever insurance company you apply for pays us a standard commission for each application we produce resulting in a policy for which the premium is paid. That's why it cost you nothing for our help and the same product cannot be bought for less.

Selecting Life Insurance Online

Be sure to think carefully as to how long you need life insurance. It is much more economical if you can buy just one policy one time that covers what you need for all time. That ideal may not be attainable, but make as careful a decision as possible. Circumstances can change, but whenever it is that you are buying life insurance, don't buy too long or too short a period of coverage according to what can be known at the time.

After researching life insurance online, call whoever seems to be the most professional and discuss your situation to make sure you have a full understanding of what you are applying for. It won't cost anything, and if they are professional, they will do their best to help you determine what is best for you, not what is best for them.

It is said that approximately 25% of purchasers give up on their cash value policies in the first two to three years, and 50% forego such policies in the first 10 years. For those policyholders, that coverage cost more than what it turned out to be worth. Some may have met with hard times and could no longer afford it, but as for the rest, what were they thinking when they bought it? As best as can be determined, buy only the insurance that you need and that you can afford to keep.

When you are ready, you can contact us for help in discovering what is best for you or to get any application you would like to see.

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