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Fast term life insurance

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Up to $300,000 Term Life depending on age

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  • Very ‘Rapid Decision’:  Most policies are issued within 24 hours of a completed application.
  • Excellent value:  Of all life insurance with no medical exam that we are aware of, this has the lowest premium of all. The premium for this ‘Rapid Decision’ policy can not be lower than when we take your application, guaranteed.
  • Optional extras:  You can add various riders to the policy to enhance the coverage. See the "Optional Riders" list on page 2 of the Brochure.
  • Return of premium:  You can add this rider so you receive a percentage of premium back – grading up to 100% at the end of the full policy term. Available for policy terms of 15, 20, and 30 years only.   R.O.P. grading
  • Early payout:  Beginning in the third policy year, a rider in the policy enables an early payment of up to 50% of the total insured amount if the insured has a life expectancy of 12 months or less as diagnosed by a physician. The early payment, plus interest, reduces the death benefit by that amount. This rider is included at no extra charge.
  • Renewable:  Premiums are guaranteed for the term period you select. After your selected term, you can renew the policy on a yearly basis through age 94. The premium will then change according to a yearly renewable term increasing premium schedule.
  • Convert to permanent:  At any time during the first 10 years of the policy, or prior to age 65, whichever comes first, you can convert to a permanent type of policy as designated by the insurer.
  • A Trusted name:  The insurer's Financial Strength Rating from A.M.Best is A- (Excellent)¹. The company has been in business since 1896. It has over $22 billion of life insurance in force.

Maximum coverage by age:

Age at Issue
Maximum Coverage
16 to 45
46 to 55
56 to 65
66 to 75

This chart is only for your age on the date of policy issue. The coverage amount remains level for the term of the policy.

All applications are subject to underwriting approval. Not available in WY or NY.

fidelity life insurance

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Rapid Decision Term life insurance is issued by Fidelity Life Association, A Legal Reserve Life Insurance Company, home office in Oak Brook, IL. The product is an obligation of Fidelity Life, is not insured by the FDIC and is not a guaranteed deposit. Life insurance policies contain exclusions

and limitations; benefits may vary due to misstatement of age or sex. This life insurance product may not be available in all states. The life insurance policy is issued as form number F3600 or a variation of such. Roy Hutchison licensed producer (agent/broker). CA license OE64962

The insurer reserves the right to order a medical exam, test, or report if that would assist a customer in clarifying or correcting an item of medical history.