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About Us

It is important to understand what we do and what we cannot do.

We are a life insurance producer a.k.a. agent or broker depending on the usage preferred. We are called "producer" because we produce applications for life insurance companies. A licensed agent or a licensed broker is a producer. A professional local agent is a producer.

In one sense, we shouldn't be called a "broker" because we charge no fees and do not negotiate anything. We also are not a captive "agent" representing one company. We try to help you find the best for your needs amongst all the companies that allow us to produce applications for them.

There is some variation between states and the terminology used, but it is unlikely that the consumer will notice much difference between producer categories whether they are called agents, brokers or whatever.

We don't charge any fees because we are paid by the respective insurance company when coverage is issued and the premium is paid. We have licensing in most states.

We have been helping consumers find the life insurance best suited for them for over 18 years. We do this by providing relevant information to the consumer.

Since we are paid by the insurance companies, we must be acting on their behalf in whatever capacity and to whatever degree the respective insurer authorizes, and must be representing them. As the saying goes, "Follow the money".

If you want unbiased advice and recommendation on purchasing insurance, you must be prepared to pay a fee to a consultant for that advice. Otherwise, you will get information, which may be sufficient for a good decision, but it should not be called advice.

A fee could be paid to a Certified Financial Planner who specializes in insurance or to an experienced insurance producer (broker/agent) for pure advice only. That's how to get real advice. Commissioned salespeople cannot have more than information to offer. It can't be otherwise.

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Advice, Consultation, and Recommendation

We try to be as helpful as possible and do our best to get you the information you need to make the best decision, but that is not advice or recommendation from us.

Our role is to provide relevant information so that you can make a decision that is in your best interests. Because we can provide quotes from many insurance companies using the quoting service that we pay for, we believe that we provide a valuable resource for life insurance buyers.

However, what we do should never be considered as a recommendation, or insurance advice, or insurance consulting because you are not paying us any fee to do so.

We can not advise you as to what is best for you to do because we are not being paid by you for advice. We are paid by insurance companies to bring in applications.

Advisors and consultants are paid a fee by those they are advising and providing consulting services to. You are not paying us a fee to be an advisor or consultant. Your decisions are your responsibility, not ours.

Because we are paid a commission for our work, we are limited to being helpful and informative. We can explain the ramifications of a choice, but it is not possible for us to give recommendations or advice as to what you should do.

We can help you if you have a difficulty with an insurance company and can help solve problems, but we should not be said to 'represent' you because we are not paid to do that. We are paid to produce applications.

It is not possible for a producer to negotiate premiums or policy terms with an insurance company on your behalf because an insurance company makes its own decisions according to its procedures, and the premium it charges for any particular product and risk category is just what it charges.

We have not found any source that states explicitly that consumers should regard commissioned sales people as their advisors. The blatant conflict of interest implied by any such a statement would cause it to be ridiculed. Commission salespeople provide product information and take orders for purchases. They are not consultants unless they change roles and charge a fee for consulting work.

Insurance companies and consumers make their own decisions. We provide information and help you apply for coverage according to your choice.

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