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Life Insurance

cheap life insurance

There are seven different choices here.

A medical exam is usually necessary (a, e, f, g), but small amounts of term insurance can be bought without a medical exam (b, c, d).

Life Insurance Choices

Select from over 125+ leading life insurance companies. The policies quoted here can not be bought at a lower price anywhere else, guaranteed.

Term Life Insurance

a. Term life insurance with Medical Exam

This is the most cost-effective alternative if what you need is coverage for a fixed number of years. Online quotes for many companies.

Try to choose the right number of years now. It's more economical to buy only once than to buy twice.

$50,000 to $25 million

Medical records may also be requested.

d. Mortgage Life Insurance

No exam. Qualify with health questions.

Decreasing term life insurance quoted online. Begin application process with online form.
Initial coverage up to $500,000.

b. Term Life Insurance - No medical exam

Answer health questions to qualify.

Term up to $300,000. Quotes online. Start the application process with an online form.

c. Term Life Insurance - Apply online

Quotes online – term up to $250,000. No medical exam, answer online health questions to qualify — quickest way to get covered.

For small term amounts, relative cost:  
a. is least — most thorough application.
b. is next — underwriting review but without a medical exam.
c. is issued quickest — brief online application — most convenient, higher relative premium.

Permanent Life Insurance

e. Guaranteed level premium for life

Not limited to a period of years. Lowest premium price for permanent coverage. Little or no cash value. Universal Life. Online quotes.

f. Whole Life

Permanent life insurance. Accumulates cash value. May have policy loans. Guaranteed level premium and coverage.

g. Universal Life - flexible premium

Permanent life insurance. Can accumulate cash value. May have policy loans. Flexible premium payments and coverage.

The simplest way to get permanent insurance:  is e. or f.  The premiums are level and guaranteed.

We must do the quotes for f. and g. for you.

Convenience and Price

The least expensive way to buy life insurance for a person in good health is to qualify for term insurance with a medical exam, i.e., a. above.


Short Term-Gap




Long Term Care




That is because the more thoroughly that the applicants risk category is assessed, the lower the resulting cost is to the insurance company.

The most convenient way to buy a small amount of life insurance is with no medical exam, i.e., b., c., or d. above.

However, 'no exam' is limited to a maximum of $250,000 for a completed online application, $300,000 using our online information form, or $500,000 for Mortgage Term.

Choice b. and c. using our online information form will have rates less than the quicker online application of c., but a. has the lowest rates of all because of the medical exam and more thorough underwriting.

The rates with no medical exam are not the lowest but are reasonable for applicants who qualify for a 'regular' or 'standard' risk classification (about 50% of applicants).

In any case, except for the 'Quick and Easy' online application (c.), the quotes that you get initially may not be the actual premium rate you will be offered after your application is thoroughly examined.

life insurance coverage

Pre-application quotes assume a particular rate class, which may or may not be how you are finally classified after the insurer has reviewed your application, paramedic exam results, medical records, and any other information needed.

The decision of the insurance company is made on an individual basis by the life insurance company alone and is not negotiable by any agent/broker/producer or applicant. No one has a "special deal" or discount for the same policy with the same carrier.

You do not pay us anything. We are paid by the insurance company.

For the same policy from the same insurer, premium prices can not be lower than when applying with our help.

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